Steve Rapson
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Nobody wishes on their death bed they had spent more time at the office. Or, in Steve's case, any time at the office. After life in corporate America he is now a recording artist, songwriter, and performing musician.

Steve's debut CD, Christmas Guitar, is sold around the world. He has followed up with five more CD's: Romantic Guitar, Half Irish Guitar, Patriotic Guitar, and Original Guitar, each with a companion book of transcriptions. A Little Bit of Crow features Steve's song writing and is the only CD on which he sings. He collaborated with Deborah Rocha to create Breeze a CD of Jazz and Samba. With poet Cheryl Perreault he provided original solo guitar accompaniment to her spoken word pieces for her debut CD On Ants, Sandwiches, and The Meaning Of It All.

As a producer and performance coach, Steve works with songwriters and performers and public speakers of all kinds. His approach to stage work has helped further the careers of many new artists including Kevin So, Mary Gauthier, Ellen Schmidt, British singer/songwriter Paul Chi, and German composer/pianist Ivo Wiesner.

He is communications consultant to The American Success Institute in Natick, Massachusetts. The Art of the Soloperformer is his first book.

Steve holds a Masters Degree in Communication Management from Simmons College. He lives in Quincy, Massachusetts with Rosemary, his wife of thirty plus years--they married young, it was quite a scandal at the time.